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‘It’s my Business to Help Your Business.’

My name is Dana Hermanson and I have worked as a payment processing professional since 2004. I take pride in working as an agent, an educator and a consultant in the merchant services industry.

With years of one-on-one experience helping business owners, CFO’s, controllers, administrators and general managers my goal is to take the pain out of accepting credit cards and simplifying your payment accepting process.

There has to be an easier way!

Some questions to ask…….

  • Is my business at risk of being breached?
  • Am I PCI compliant and what does that mean to me?
  • If I am breached what will my current processor do to help me?
  • What is EMV technology all about and do I need it NOW?
  • Should I incorporate NFC (near field communication) into my payment accepting program?
  • Is my current technology outdated?
  • Am I paying too much still for my processing fees?
  • Do I have a personal agent to call in my time of need or just one 800 number for the bank?

If you are not sure of the answers to these questions please contact me for a free consultation.


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"Integrity is the foundation on which all other values are built." - Brian Tracy